Becoming More Efficient with Text Messaging Tools

Becoming More Efficient with Text Messaging Tools

It’s no secret that effective communication is essential to running a business; that means communicating with your customers as well as your employees.

Communication is so important that a recent study by Willis Towers Watson said

Companies with good communication practices are three and a half times more likely to outperform their competitors.

  • Efficiency Increases
  • Text Makes Documents Easy to Access
  • Your Communication Strategy
  • Put it in Writing
  • Send Out Reminders

In this article, we’re going to look at why mass text messaging makes you more efficient and what are the benefits of incorporating it into your communication strategy.

Efficiency Increases

When your team communicates, and everyone is on the same page, there’s less chance that mistakes can be made.

While most communication in the workplace still takes place face-to-face, technology brings new ways in which to get in touch with your team and to ensure everyone is working toward the same goal.

Several ways employers can use technology to communicate with their employees are text messages, video conference calls, emailing, and social media. However, what’s becoming most popular with companies is to employ an automated text messaging system. This system proves crucial time and again to lessen the chance of missed appointments and costly mistakes.

Text Makes Documents Easy to Access

Data shows that people open and read text messages at a rate of 98%, which is astounding when you compare that to emails which are opened and read at a rate of about 20%.

If you have relevant information or documents you need to share with your team, the text message is far more likely to be read than any other form of communication right now.

What’s Your Communication Strategy?

Text messaging is the primary way people communicate now, and it’s even more widespread with Millennials and Gen Xers. As these people age, and with new generations coming up, the number of people using text messaging is only going to increase. If your sales team and marketing team aren’t incorporating a text messaging strategy into your communications efforts, you’re missing out on millions of potential customers because we’re all on our phones all day.

To increase communication between employees, many companies are adding a social intranet to their system. This intranet when combined with internal texting, helps to modernize outdated communications systems that exist in many offices today. Also, this system increases the speed at which communication happens and ensures higher response rates.

Put it in Writing

You can tell someone in a meeting to do something, but you can’t always be sure they got the message and understood it. Texting orders to your team ensure that everyone gets the same message and that everyone understands what you’re asking.

Send Out Reminders

You can increase efficiency if you send out reminders via text to your team. These can be about meeting reminders, appointment reminders, or company events.

The more you communicate with your team and with your customers, the better off you are as a business. If you’re not utilizing a text messaging system, it’s crucial that you adopt one as soon as possible.

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