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Bad “Write for us” or where shouldn’t you put your guest posts?



good vs bad

I’ll tell you how to know in just a couple of seconds of visual evaluation of a donor that you shouldn’t place your text there.

More and more often you see “Write for us” offers, where in fact you stumble upon donor offers that are not of the best quality. It’s not outreach, it’s bullshit.

Guest posting should justify its cost and name, at least on the basic criterion of donor quality.

You don’t need to plug in a huge checklist to evaluate the donor, it’s enough to limit yourself to a standard visual evaluation, which would sift out the slag at the first glance.

Two lightning tips on how to weed out bad donors

All niches websites

✔️1. The menu section has categories for all niches (lifestyle, business, health, cars, and the like).

How are the categories related? They don’t. Why do they do this? To sell to a larger pool of customers for guest posts.

The value in placements on such donors is miserable, and for white niches you can find really good niche options whenever, instead of this. Since Outreach is bound to be niche!

There are also normal resources with this structure, such as news resources. But if it’s a blog about everything in the world then you need to look closely.

Gray niches on the home page

✔️2. There are articles about gambling and other gray niches on the home page, and links to casinos, etc. in the sidebars/footer.

Another indicator that the webmaster sells links to everyone and everywhere) And accordingly – selling links there may be far over a thousand. Easy availability = not good.

Comments from experts:

Andrew: “In my opinion on a quick visual assessment – thematic and content quality. Immediately visible when the site one advertising and posts written on the knee.

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