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Amazon Rapids Review


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Amazon Rapids, the chat fiction that encourages kids to read by presenting stories in the form of text message conversations, is now going free. Previously, Amazon had been charging $2.99 per month for a subscription that allows unlimited access to its story collection, which now numbers in the hundreds.

Amazon Rapids kicked off in November 2016, aiming to grab the attention of kids into chat fiction apps like Hooked, Yarn, Tap, etc., which usually attract teens. But Amazon Rapids was designed to be kid-friendly, cutting out all the inappropriate stuff like swearing and mature themes you’d find in those other apps. It’s all about fun and silly stories for kids aged 5 to 12, without trying to hook them with endless cliffhangers or scare them.

Plus, the app added some cool educational bits like a built-in glossary and a read-along mode to give younger readers a hand.

How popular is Rapids by Amazon?

Sensor Tower data shows Amazon Rapids has only been downloaded about 10.000-50.000 times, with most of those on iOS. Since subscription money goes straight to Amazon, not through app stores, there’s no info on how much they’ve made. It’s not super popular on the App Store, sitting at No. 1105 for iPhone downloads in Education and No. 1001 on iPad. The highest it ever got was No. 65 on iPad.

Average Clients Rating – 3.6

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