5 Things You Want to See from a Link-Building Service

5 Things You Want to See from a Link-Building Service

If you know at least a little about SEO, you probably understand that link building matters a great deal. If you operate or own a business, and you want your site to consistently rank at the top of the SERPs, you’ll need to hire a company or individual to help you with it.

You’ll want to see some particular things from a link-building entity that establish they’re the right company for the job. We’ll talk about what you want to see from your link-building service in the following article.

The Right Price

The price always matters when you’re looking for a product or service. You will definitely need to find a link-building entity that offers you the service you need for the right price.

If you’re operating a successful company, you’ll have money allocated for different things. You might have money for R and D. You probably have some set aside to run your ad campaigns. You may have funds allocated for worker bonuses, insurance the company needs, etc.

You will also have money earmarked for SEO and probably digital marketing in general. The cash you can pay your link builder will come out of that.

If you find a person or company who has excellent qualifications, but they quote you a price to research and add inbound and outbound links that’s well out of your range, you can’t hire them. Link-building services need to match your price range, or else you need to go with someone else. Negotiating the price for this company or individual is the only alternative, if they’re willing to do that.

The Right Attitude

You should work with someone who’s eager to help you. They should have ideas that will get your site to rank, and they should feel confident they’re the right individual or company for the job. You don’t want someone noncommunicative or who doesn’t seem sure of themselves.

You want this person or company to get back to you quickly when you leave them a message or to answer the phone when you call them. They should have multiple methods for you to reach them. If they don’t get back to you fast when you have a question or idea, you should probably go with someone else.

The right link-building company or individual should know all about your niche. They should have some prior experience working in your particular industry, or they should show they can learn about it quickly.

The Latest Tools

SEO is an exact science. It’s not guesswork or experimentation. Someone who does SEO for you needs to know how to do research within your niche and exploit any competitor weaknesses.

To that end, they need to have all the latest SEO tools and know all the latest strategies. Much like any ultra-competitive field, new SEO tools and techniques come out all the time. The company or individual you hire should know all about those.

They need the operating budget to get the SEO tools they need on their own. They should include that in the price you pay to hire them.

They should know how to explain the tools and techniques they’ll use to you. As a company owner, you’re probably not an SEO expert. Still, the company or individual you hire should know how to explain to you what tools they will use and how they will utilize them. They should know how to tell you, in simple language, what you’ll get for the money you’re paying them.

They Should Guarantee Results

The link-building company or individual you use should guarantee the results you want. They might not guarantee getting your site to the number one Google position for a particular search term or phrase. However, they should at least guarantee you’ll appear on the first page for some words or phrases.

Links should help your site rank. If the proper ones appear on your landing page or elsewhere on your site, that should get it to show up near the top of SERPs when people search for content having to do with concepts directly tied to your niche. That’s how fundamental SEO works, and link building remains a part of that.

You want a company or individual who will tell you they’ll get your site to rank at a particular position for some specific terms or phrases by a specific time. For instance, maybe they’ll say that within three months, their link building will get your site to appear on the first Google results page for at least five of the top ten phrases having to do with your niche.

They can do keyword research using the latest SEO tools to determine those phrases. Remember that link building only constitutes part of SEO. The person or company you hire should know all about the other elements involved as well.

They Should Only Link Your Company to Reputable Websites

The person or company you hire to do link building for your site should also understand that credible, reputable sites exist and also spammy ones that won’t help you at all. They should realize that they can’t link your site to poorly regarded websites, or else that will hurt you from an SEO standpoint.

They can use their SEO tools to research different sites to see whether the Google algorithm or other search engines regard them as credible or not. If a site has excellent domain authority, they know they can link your site to it, and it will help you. If not, they should know they need to keep hunting.

Overall, the link-building service or individual you hire should know how to create a complex link structure that makes your website appear as attractive as possible to search engines. They should also realize that they’ll need to continue doing link building for as long as your company operates. Link building, like all SEO, needs to keep happening so that you stay consistently at the top of the SERPs.  

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